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Kotka-Hamina region map


Establish your business in the Kotka-Hamina region or invest in the area.

You will reap the benefits of excellent location, experience and expertise.

Diverse benefits for a variety of fields.

The leading fields in the Kotka-Hamina region are logistics, industry, travel and video game development.

The unbeatable location of the region provides a strong foundation for businesses in many fields. Thanks to the international port, strong expertise in logistics and technology, and diverse services, the region is both vibrant and appealing. The port areas have also grown into significant concentrations of industry. Other benefits of the area include affordable commercial premises and highly skilled labour.

The innovative spirit of the region has given rise to notable business in the video game industry. In proportion to its size, the game development field in the Kymenlaakso region is well connected and reputable both nationally and internationally.

In addition to this, the seaside Kotka-Hamina region offers exceptionally diverse opportunities for travel business.


Kotka-Hamina region is located near Finland’s most important border crossing between Helsinki and Saint Petersburg, within 1.5 hour’s drive from an international airport and along the E18 motorway.

1.5 hour’s drive from Helsinki and 1 h from Vaalimaa, the nearest border crossing for visitors from Saint Petersburg and its vicinity. Vaalimaa border crossing is one of the most transited locations in Europe.


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By air

• London–Helsinki 3 h
• Beijing–Helsinki 8 h

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By sea
• Finland’s biggest universal port (served from more than 80 locations worldwide)
• Regular connections to all major European seaports

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By road

• Helsinki–Kotka 1 h
• St. Petersburg–Kotka–Helsinki–Europe E18 freeway

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By train

• 2.5 hours from Saint Petersburg via Vainikkala
• Direct connections to Vladivostok and China

This popular phrase has never been more appropriate. The region's location between the East and the West, the massive Port of HaminaKotka and the excellent infrastructure, including direct railway links from the port to Russia and well-maintained highways. The location could not possibly be any better.

Here, you have no need to worry about opaque legislation or malicious government officials. Finland has always been one of the least corrupt countries in the world. We like to play fair every time.