A resort with nature, culture and history

Hurppu Horizon Center is a unique combination of nature, culture and history opening new horizons for sustainable tourism. It is located on the south-eastern coast of the Gulf of Finland, at the heart of its fascinating landscapes.

With only 20 km from Vaalimaa, and 70 km from Lappeenranta, the center is within an easy distance from both Russia and Finland. The new resort is easily reachable by air, sea, road and train. The number of tourists crossing the Vaalimaa border is estimated to reach 7 million by 2020.

The long-term project includes a hotel complex, along with catering and recreational services, designed with respect for the environment.


Horisontti platform, hotel, spa and villas

  • A 2,000 m2 natural platform for bird watching and cultural events
  • The 60-room hotel with spa, wellness center and meeting facilities
  • 160-seat restaurant with a sea view bar
  • A residential area for 96 villas


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The exclusive nature with some rare species of flora and fauna makes Hurppu an exceptional spot for travellers seeking peace of mind from scenic splendor and outdoor activity.

A 2,000 m2 stone platform extending to the sea offers a natural stage not only for observing the marine life, but also enjoying a selection of cultural events.

With a history tracing back to the Russian Imperator Nikolai II, this is the place where the past stories meet the present leisure time.


With thousands of migrating birds every year, Hurppu is a true paradise for birdwatchers. In summer, the numerous butterflies complete the effect.


A seafront location and a pier for yachts allows for an easy access by boat from the Helsinki metropolitan area, from the Baltic countries and Russia. It also makes Hurppu an ideal base for exploring the attractions of the Virolahti and Kotka-Hamina region and the Gulf of Finland national park.

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By air

70 km from Lappeenranta airport and 175 km from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Hurppu can also be reached by helicopter: flight from St. Petersburg takes 55 minutes, from Helsinki 45 minutes, from Lappeenranta airport 25 minutes.

By sea
Hurppu Marina offers direct seaway access to Horisontti complex by boat.

By road

E18 the main motorway between Finland and Russia, 175 km from Helsinki, 244 km from St. Petersburg.

By train

2.5 hour's from Saint Petersburg via Vainikkala.