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Fort Katarina

Historic setting next to the city, right by the sea.

The historic Fort Katarina site covers an area of 20 hectares which is now ready for development.

A total of €20M has already been invested in landscaping, piers and other infrastructure. The basic scheme of the Fort Katarina Spa Resort consisting of a 150-room hotel, spa, marina and timeshare apartments was presented to the municipal and museum authorities, with positive responses.

The future town plans can be adapted to operating needs. Planning of a housing development to the north of the site is underway, creating a more urban feel for the marina. The southern tip of Kotkansaari Island is in the final stages of being developed into a large landscaped outdoor area. Katarina Sea Park opens southwards to the sea, and rises to the rocky heights of the Fort. There are plenty of leisure activities for both guests and locals, which include picnics, flora and fauna, a lovely promenade and the beach, in addition to the vast variety of recreational activities in the region.

The National Board of Antiquities are renovating Fort Katarina into a museum. From its walls, you get a commanding view over the park, hotel and the waters that once played host to the Battle of Ruotsinsalmi.


Facilities overview

  • Hotel with sea view
  • Spa
  • Time-share apartments and villas
  • Full-service marina
  • Katarina park and nature trail
  • Fort Katarina outdoor museum
  • Sea fishing facility
  • Kymi river outdoor adventure meeting point
  • Winter sports
  • Rock caverns (further development potential)


  • 150 guest rooms
  • Family rooms and suites
  • Bar and coffee shop
  • Restaurant and dining area
  • Open air terrace
  • Meeting and board rooms
  • Business center


  • Swimming pool, leisure pools and jacuzzis
  • Multi-facility sauna
  • Wellness and relaxation treatments
  • Year-round outdoor pools


10 million people live within the 300 km radius of Kotka encompassing the metropolitan areas of St. Petersburg and the whole of Southern Finland. Tourism has been a booming market sector since 2000 in Finland’s south-eastern coastline. There has been a steady 10% annual increase in Russian visitors, which is expected to keep growing strongly. The Kotka region had a record 473,000 visitors in 2011, which was a 30% increase year on year, and this figure is estimated to rise to over 700,000 by 2030.

This forecast is rather conservative and could easily be significantly higher due to the upcoming Visa-Waiver Program and the plans for a passenger cruise terminal in Kotka. There is an existing shortage of accommodation in the city. The visa-waiver program and other tourism related projects will increase demand and create an urgent need to build more capacity, especially in upscale establishments an area currently not catered for in the local market.

Kotka island is a compact and beautiful setting with all leisure and tourism services within easy walking distance. The central district offers a good shopping experiences, Kantasatama harbor is a thriving business and cultural center, and laid back Sapokka has a marina, restaurants and the most beautiful award-winning parks in the region.

The shopping and restaurant scene is steadily improving and diversifying to cater for a more demanding clientele. Kotka city center has numerous small stores and restaurants, Pasaati, which is one of the biggest indoor shopping centers in Southeast Finland, also there is a retail park north of Kotka at Jumalniemi conveniently situated near the motorway exit. Kotka has yet to have any restaurants with uninterrupted sea views. Fort Katarina will be the first establishment to offer commanding views over Kotkas maritime heritage.