Experience winter in Kotka-Hamina Region!

Water brings well-being

Ice swimming – or winter swimming when there is no ice – is a winter activity loved by many. Although the thought of dipping yourself in icy-cold water may sound terrifying, the experience is extremely pleasant especially if you get sufficiently warmed up in a sauna beforehand and know that you can get right back in the warmth afterwards. Lowering yourself in the cold water gets easier and easier every time you try it, and the reward is a wonderful euphoric feeling and a guaranteed good night's sleep.

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Have you tried snowshoeing yet?

Snowshoeing is effective exercise and also an excellent way to enjoy  breath-taking winter vistas and the tranquillity of nature. Snowshoes allow access to locations that are unreachable on foot or skis. Snowshoes that you can strap to your own shoes come in adults' and children's sizes. Poles are used to provide better balance. The length of the hike is selected based on the age and fitness of the group, and the rucksacks are filled with snacks and warm drinks to enjoy along the way.

Snowshoe rentals at Santalahti Holiday Resort

Skating and bandy on outdoor and indoor rinks

Once the temperatures drop to freezing levels, the municipalities in Kotka-Hamina region maintain numerous outdoor skating rinks and areas. In more temperate weather that does not allow outdoor skating, you can also enjoy skating or the high-paced team sport bandy at the Kotka and Hamina ice stadiums.

Enjoy a leisurely skiing trip or go all out

Did you know that Kotka-Hamina region boasts hundreds of kilometres of ski trails? There are plenty of options to suit every taste: steep climbs and downward slopes for those who like to get their heart rate up, and more leisurely routes for relaxed enjoyment. Most of the trails are illuminated in the evenings, so you can go skiing at any hour In spring, depending on whether or not there is snow, skiing trips are also organised.

Try downhill, freestyle and Telemark skiing!

When the skiing season begins in the winter, the Uuperinrinteet Ski Resort provides challenges for the whole family from the little ones to experienced enthusiasts. The draws of the resort are the steepest 'black' piste in Southern Finland and the enjoyable children's slope featuring an easy-to-use rope lift. Freestyle skiers of all ages are sure to enjoy the expanded SnowPark and the new MiniPark. At the Uuperinrinteet resort, even beginners can easily learn skiing, snowboarding and Telemark skiing – the popular ski school provides training in Finnish, English and Russian!


Text: Anita Heikkinen