Mussalo - Data center

Mussalo Data Center Campus is ideal for DC operations in terms of location, power, cooling, connectivity, fast track implementation and local support. The planning of the campus is already quite far – still allowing the Data Center operator to choose from different possibilities for cooling, energy supply and even excess heat utilization.

The campus is located next to the Mussalo harbor and very close to Kotka City, it is well connected by public transportation or by car from E18 highway.

Together with Kotkan Energia Oy (Kotka city’s energy company) it is possible to develop a package that includes reliable and very cost effective power supply, efficient cooling and utilization of excess heat for Central heating network of Kotka City.

Site is owned by City of Kotka and is zoned as an industrial site with environmental permits included – guaranteeing fast start.


  • Located in Jänskäntie 11, 48310 Kotka, Finland
  • Owned by City of Kotka
  • Site area is 26 hectares, expandable up to 30 hectares, the buildable area is approximately 100 000 m2 and expandable.
  • Available load to the site is 200 MW
  • Renewable energy sources within the Nordics (Nordpool) available.
  • Major international airport: Helsinki airport 130 kilometers, 1 hour 15 minutes by car
  • Connections: International harbor next to the site, train stations and central bus station in close range (3 km)
  • Nearest community center: 3 km