Ahvenkoski - Data center

Ahvenkoski is an excellent choice for an operator who is looking for well-connected greenfield site with cost effective solutions and a fast start. Area is already zoned for Data Center and construction work can start within three months. Pyhtää municipality is prepared to develop also other businesses in the area – the Data Center operator can easily start negotiations for utilizing the extra heat with the other potential players in the ecosystem (e.g. greenhouses)

Site is next to the hydropower plant, connections to electricity network are available with a small effort. Utilizing hydropower is also a possibility to be a truly Green IT Data Center. Cooling options are flexible, site is next to the river and water can be utilized either directly or via cooling towers.

This site is also very cost effective – electricity is among the cheapest in the Europe, the land price is reasonable and negotiable with municipal authorities. Data connectivity is excellent, there are several possibilities for scalable superfast fiber routes to to Central Europe via the new C-Lion sea cable or to nearby Russian growth center.


  • Located in Voimalantie, 07960 Ahvenkoski, Finland
  • Owned by the municipality of Pyhtää
  • Site area is 10,4 hectares, the buildable area is approximately 50 000 m2.
  • Renewable energy sources within the Nordics (Nordpool) available.
  • Hydropower plant (30 MW) next door and additional 5-10 MW on the upper river, bioenergy plant and 7 wind power mills in close range.
  • Major international airport: Helsinki airport 98 kilometers, less than 1 hour by car
  • Connections: bus stops (to Helsinki and Kotka) 800 m, international harbor, train stations in Kotka (30 km)
  • Nearest community center: 6 km