Cycling route by the rapids of River Kymijoki


You can begin the route from any point, but we recommend that you depart from the yard of the Maritime Centre Vellamo. At the same time, you can have little something to eat at the restaurant there, so that you will have enough energy to cycle! The route consists of different types of roads. Some parts are asphalted, but there are also dirt roads and even some paths. All the indicated routes are in good conditions and can be ridden with a normal city bike. The route is not marked in the terrain.

Map of the route: Google Maps (in Finnish) &  PDF: Cycling route River Kymijoki.pdf


Kymijoen koskikierros pyöräillen

1. Departure from Kotkansaari, the Maritime Centre Vellamo being the ideal point of departure.

2-3. On the first stretches of the route, you will not yet see any beautiful river scenery. Instead, fix your eyes on the splendid architectural buildings, such as the Finnish Wooden Boat Centre and the Kotka Railway Station.

4. You will also be passing the stately Hovinsaari School.

5. If you get thirsty, stop by at the terrace of Metsola steam brewery for some refreshments. Otherwise, continue straight along Kotkantie and Langinkoskentie to Langinkoski.


Kymijoen koskikierros pyöräillen

6. The torrents of Langinkoski are among the most spectacular attractions in Kotka.

7. The Langinkoski nature conservation area features nice paths in good condition that are easy to cycle even with an ordinary bike.

8. If you are very lucky, you can run into the Emperor and Empress at Langinkoski.

9. The Imperial Fishing Lodge stands majestically by raging river rapids.

10. Both Langinkoski and almost the whole biking route are located within the Kotka National Urban Park.

Kymijoen koskikierros pyöräillen

11. The route passes the suspension bridge of Korela. You are not meant to cross the bridge, but you can step on it to admire the views of the river. When looking upstream, you can see the final stretches of Tattarinkoski rapids.

12. These relaxing forest views are located almost next to a highway.

13. From the old stone bridge you can admire the Ratakoski rapids.

14. Dirt road leading to Siikakoski.


Kymijoen koskikierros pyöräillen

15. On the riverside at Siikakoski, you should stop for a while to admire the rapids and the beautiful scenery. By the river, you can have a coffee break on the terrace of Villa Munkholma.

16. While at Siikakoski, the paths along the riverside are well worth checking and getting more acquainted with the area.

17. The scenery along the channel carrying water to the Koivukoski power plant is unforgettable.

18. You cross the river along the dam bridge at Koivukoski.

19. If the year has been rainy, the Koivukoski rapids downstream from the dam are an impressive sight.


Kymijoen koskikierros pyöräillen

20. At Tattarinkoski, there is a small beach maintained by local inhabitants, where you can freshen up before continuing your bike journey.

21. The route returns to the Langinkoski area. On the western bank of the rapids, you will find an idyllic stream with a footbridge crossing it.

22. By the side of Langinkoski, local people have erected a memorial plaque for the Zsar Alexander III of Russia.

23. Passing through the Langinkoski arboretum and along the river banks of Metsola and Hovinsaari, the route winds back to Vellamo.


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